33/100 Under The Waterfall


Words can't even describe how I feel today at the news I received this morning. I can't even process it. My heart will hold dear to those memories. My heart will be strong for my friend.


32/100 Thinkin about you


This is the song that made me fall in love with this DJ years ago. I'm about to see him live in an hour. I'm feeling like a little teenage girl right now.


31/100 Escape


Stumbled upon this lovely quote today: "Nothing is so strong as gentleness and nothing is so gentle as true strength".


30/100 Down for This


Blonde hair ✓
Oversized sunglasses ✓
Yoga pants ✓
Chic sweather ✓
Sporty runners ✓
Coffee on hand ✓

I wasn't even trying to "fit in". It just kinda happened. I'm a Marina girl now, I guess?


29/100 Art filled


The house is starting to be filled with art. That makes me really happy. Old pieces are finally getting framed. The art cart is overflowing with new crafting materials. My painting is somewhat coming together. I have a new art mate to bounce random ideas to and new opportunties at Sip&Sketch to share art beyond my own space, so that's very exciting. Plus, I haven't missed one daily #SongCover entry for the past 29 days! So, all is good. I feel humbled and blessed.