100 #SongCover Art


I have continued my #dailysketch series on instagram since February and I'm happy to say that it's time for a change.

For the past 3 months, sketching has kept me sane in this new(ish) city. It felt purposeful and I was proud of myself for keeping up. #Dailysketch was meant to be practice to help me make better and bigger works of art. However, each "masterpiece" I start, the more challenging it is to continue, let alone finish. I took some time reflecting why that is and realized that something was missing in my work: there was no soul. Where is the spirit that always leave me in awe and inspiration when I look at other artist's work? Sadly, I feel nothing when I look at my own. I can make thousands of perfect images, but they will only be beautiful and nothing more.

To revive the missing soul, I look to music for help. My next daily project will be creating a square #SongCover art for a chosen song each day for the next 100 days, using all kinds of medium. It's more about capturing the moment, expressing visually how a song can make you feel and less about what's perfect or whole.

I've given a test run this weekend and I'm pretty happy with the exercise. Daily post to come!

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