11/100 Favourite Feelings


Getting the party on this Friday? I stumbled upon the favorite feelings video by Hank and EssieButton, and it inspired me to write about my own 10 favourite feelings (aside from getting drunk and partying):

  1. An efficient breakfast, as in I've perfectly timed the making of eggs, bacon, toast, fruit and coffee all ready to be served fresh and hot, it's the morning harmony for me.

  2. When I paint or draw something then I'd step back and realize damn, that looks good, makes me feel validated and proud to be creating something out of my bare hands.

  3. Containers bring me joy. I can't even express how good it feels to see things fit perfectly in a container. Doesn't mattter what goes into what kind of container. If it's filled and whole, it gives my little OCD monster the best chills.

  4. As soon as I've found a mix of a song that is 10 times better than the original, I rock that song like I've outsmarted everyone, thinking that I'm way cool (but I'm not) for like a good 3 minutes.

  5. A clean, tidy living/workspace that still feels vey lived in. It doesn't look pretty like a magazine cutout, but it has everything I need. It's home.

  6. When I come out of a cold shower in a really hot summer, or a nice long hot bath in the winter, it's like I was just granted a brand new body.

  7. A cuddle break. Happens randomly, doesn't matter what I'm doing at the moment, I'll just stop everything then cuddle with the husband, and I'm often surprisingly comforted at how much I needed that.

  8. That feeling of genuinely not giving a fuck to whatever other people thinks or say. I really wished I could feel this more often, but when that moment does come, I feel like a queen, a boss of myself.

  9. When family gathers around on Christmas morning and I see their reaction to my presents that are, let's just say, on point, I dance to make it rain (in my head of course).

  10. Seeing someone making a good deed or just small acts of kindness towards others makes me feel like, YAS! This world is still worth living for as long as there's more of that, please.

What are your favourite feelings?

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