2012 Calendars

Here's a beautiful January 2012 desktop calendar from Shanna Murray (so glad that she continued on from her collaborative calendar series from last year, I loved those) and a vintage aqua blue calendar printed on maple veneer (totally my colour! also available in peppermint red and other colours). Although one week of January went by already in an unbelievable blur, it's not too late to hang up new calendars and change up desktop backgrounds. I like monthly calendars because it helps me to see dates and weeks in a bigger picture and definitely have helped me plan my days more efficiently. Not only is it an important reminder that days are going by fast so I should stop slacking, but it's also a great visual tool to plan your vacation and marking off special days of the year so you can look forward to them even more.

a. Curiousdoodles's  DIY embroidery tea towel calendar b.Catherine Campbell illustrated monthly calendars  c. Oh My Deer watercolour wash calendar d. Fine Day Pres art print wall callendar e. Lunar calendar by Kin of Kin f. Illustrated botanical calendar from Rifle Paper Co. (their calendar garden print is equally beautiful)

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