Look In, Look Out


Two things I learned this week:

1) Look after yourself, eat better and get moving. I know this should be common sense, but after going snowboarding, I realized that my body wasn't in the ideal shape it wanted to be in. So I've been using the Eatery app to track all my food and so far it's been helpful to see a visual record of all the things I've consumed in my body because my mind, as always, forgets.

2) Your matter is so tiny, so tiny that there's no use worrying. Exploring into different genres that open my eyes to the bigger picture always make me realize that my problem is really not a problem at all, just life passing by and we're the ones attaching our own emotions to them. Sci-fi shows, pictures of our universe, looking out the horizon, listening to the orchestras are all things that magically takes me away from the worldly, materialistic matters and into a deep sensory experience which provides me the new perspective I need.

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