27/100 Ughs


Sometimes I wish all technology was able to voice sensor all the "ugh" we do in front of it and solve the problem accordingly.

My morning "Ugh" will filter and delete all the spam and advertising emails.

My commuting "ugh" will lead me to an alternative, faster route to avoid all the traffic and stop signs.

My netflix "ugh" to demand it continue playing even after 6 hours because binge watching is how you're suppose to watch all shows, d'uh.

All the auto-correct induced "ughs" during text will turn the option off immediately.

Browsers should help me digest only helathy, necessary content and not the ones that make me go barfing with "ughs".

I can't even measure how much I "ugh" over self centric social media feeds that we are all guilty of. I wish it begone.

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