4/100 Thankful


Girl, I know that you like it

Happy Friday!

I have caught the inevitable cold from my husband and I'm writing from the bed, trying to combat sore throat with lemon tea. Later on today there's a few errands to run and banking to be done. Yes, it's that kind of a Friday. Regardless, I'm super thankful for this week especially for the following reasons:

  • Started my #SongCover 100 days project and I'm even ahead of schedule! Now the real challenge is to keep up
  • Received my first ever dutch oven (not the under cover kind tho), and now I'm able to make crispy pork cutlets without oil splattering everywhere. success
  • Remember the oil painting that deserved a punching? I did punch it, with a thousand brushstrokes and ripped it a part, turning it into a completely new painting. It feels good
  • Since going blonde, I've started co-washing with the occasional purple shampoo, followed by coconut oil as a leave in conditioner and let me tell you, it works! My hair lives!

What are you thankful for this week?

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