5/100 Live and make art


This song makes me want to frolic in the woods, nap in a tipi tent and drink bottomless hot mocha. That is the life, isn't it?

This morning I received a text from a relative asking: "aside from doing art, don't you have any other plans?"

I get a lot of people telling me that art can be anything but a full-time career. "It can be a side job!" they noted so ever enthustically as if that idea has never been suggested before. You can obtain your financial security through something you don't necessary enjoy, but that's okay, because when you go home, all the hours after 5pm are yours to work on whatever you are truly passionate about.

Good for you! But not for me, as Amy Poehler would put it. If you can obtain financial security while doing what you love, then I'm happy for you and applaude at your time management and multi-tasking skills.

But truthfully, I believe that passion should be something you are willing to suffer and sacrifice for, as artist Emily Jefford points out. Art is not a sideline plan for me. It's my one and only master grand plan that I'm dedicating all of my time and focus. Of course it's still in its baby stage, but I hope to be doing this till my fingers give out.

So my answer to you is: "Nope, absolutely no other plans. I'm going to live and make art, as simple as that".

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