Thick Skin

I've just read a disappointing and yet encouraging article which made me understood why there's such a stigma around being a female designer / developer in the tech industry. It's for sure intimidating trying to make something of yourself in a profession dominated by men that have strong preconceptions which undermines women. You've got to not only play the game, prove yourself against judgement and squash any self doubts which can come easily because of what people think of you, and finally continue the cycle until "acceptance" come along somewhere down the road.

"There’s many questions around why there aren’t more females speaking in this industry. I can tell you why, they are scared. Everytime I jump on stage, I get comments, either about the way I look, or the fact that I’m the female, the token, the one they have to sit through in order for the males to come back on again." - Sarah Parmenter, Speaking Up

One comment I found was just so suiting for this valentine's day: "If any industry has the built-in DNA to change these dated views of women, it’s this one. Guys, seriously. You seem to forget that the most important person in your life was a women." Sarah, you're an inspiration, it's people like you that will make this community all the more a better place.

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