48/100 Looking for Syrup


Today's going to be the day where my mind battles flight anxiety with travelling excitement. I'm just glad it's an early flight, meaning I'll be too sleepy to let imagination roam. To the land of maple syrup and grizzlies we go!


47/100 Wave


Now I can understand the satisfaction of rehabiliting a rescue dog. With a little bit of patience and work, the transformation is truly rewarding. Pup is going back home today, but work continues. This time with people that are creatively timid. I feel rejuvenated and extra pumped up now for tomorrow's Sip & Sketch workshop at the Impact hub. It will be fun times, I know it.


46/100 Sad eyes


We're dogsitting a lovely rescued pup this weekend. She's all curled up since yesterday, feeling very timid since it's a new environment. This drawing is very much inspired by her sad looking eyes and big fluff ears.


45/100 Brush Up


Usually I avoid Chinatown at all costs because it's just too chaotic for me, and fiesty old people intimidates me. Recently though, I've started to venture in a little bit at a time. I realized that it's not that bad in small quantities. It's probably the best place to get fresh made dimsum for lunch under $5. Also, I've stopped relying on yelp reviews. Talking to store owners and locals there is the best way to get recommendations. A chance to brush up my Chinese after being away from home for a while.


44/100 Try Again


After a 3 month break, it's time to try again. I spent 12 weeks on the artist way journey and discovered inhibitions and fears that I never knew existed. After a long and arduous conversation with my inner artist, I finally figured out what the heck was going on. It's almost like coming back to life after rehab. I'm just thankful to be where I am now. Onwards.


43/100 Not ready


For a modern creative, your image and brand is everything. Show it or people won't know. I wish there was an easier way. A hundred unfinished, unpolished pieces sitting there collecting dust. I run my fingers through them once in a while and sometimes marvel at my own idea. "Damn, that was a good", I can distinctly remember how much I enjoyed the process, or even the music I was listening at the time. But soon after, disinterest will surface and I'll detach myself from feeling too much. I've never understood why that happens until recently. Art is like telling a secret, and when you're not ready to tell the story, you're not ready. We are our own worst enemy and critic. "Oh what would others think?", "this is too embarrassing", "but it's not perfect", "is it good enough to show?" and many thoughts later, I realized that self love and validation is the first and only step to healing. Sharing your art has to come from within. Not because everyone else is doing it, not because you think this will get you success because of more exposure, but because you're ready to tell the world a secret, a side of you that no one else knows.