Be Okay

Has anyone ever said to you that everything's gonna be okay and you believed them more than you've ever believed in yourself? I have, lot of times. Sometimes I just need that one good friend, that one special person, or even a total stranger to reassure me in these simple words: You're doing fine and everything is going to turn out okay. Strange how it can sound so cliche and casual, but at times when you've already dug yourself into a hole and too blind to see all the blessings that have bestowed upon you or too distracted by outer voices to think things through your head properly, hearing these words can really help. I think hearing it helps to remind myself the importance of slowing down and stepping back. Take a long walk, go shop, call up somebody, eat something delicious then come back to reevaluate the situation, where I am right now, how and what can I do about it because it's not the end of the world.

I hope people can realize that everything's gonna be okay for them too, just like I did. Once I realized, I felt a bit foolish, a similar feeling whenever I look back on all the distasteful fashion choices I made (and still make) over the years. It can be laughable, embarrassing and even painful, but it's alright because everything's okay, a special someone told me so.

Original drawing by me.

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