The Circle

pink flower Insomnia, jet lagged and mentally exhausted from all the goodbyes and welcome-back-errands in the past couple of days. I can't believe it's Friday already. Personal projects are finally rolling out steadily and I have good feelings about the way it's going. Now I just need to master razor sharp focus and get more sleep! Here are some bits and pieces of the ever peaceful San Francisco, oh how I miss you already.

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On the plane ride back to Toronto, I finished The Circle by Dave Eggers. It is a very interesting read that left me feeling very unsettled (in a good way). The protagonist is a 20-something female customer support in a large tech company. Even though the story was set in a more utopian society of the near future, her work experience was very relatable. The second half of the book was where it turned interesting and kept me on edge. The protagonist was challenged by this statement: "you sit at a desk twelve hours a day and you have nothing to show for it except some numbers that won't exist or be remembered in a week. You're leaving no evidence you lived. There's no proof."

What really intrigued me was the preception of "life experience" through all kinds of digital exchange which I'm so guilty of. Yes, you're letting the world know amazing places you've been with multiple check-ins, upvoted only on opinions that concur with your values and left footprints through comments, pictures and emoji smiley faces. All the sharing made online seems passionate and progressive, but that shouldn't be how we remember these important events. It should really be experienced by all five senses if not more. It should tug at your heartstrings and evoke some kind of sentiment, good or bad. Just something to think about:

"Did you ever think that perhaps our minds are delicately calibrated between the known and the unknown? That our souls need the mysteries of night and the clarity of day? You people are creating a world of ever-present daylight, and I think it will burn us all alive. There will be no time to reflect, to sleep, to cool."

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