Dear Friend: Altitude

Brock Road. Pickering, Canada. altitude: 85.8m | Shiroyama Mountain. Hyogo, Japan. altitude: 216m

I've always been interested in the spacial relations between people. I would love to explore the contrasts or similarities of two completely different geographies and the type of culture we've immersed ourselves in depending on where we are. Hence welcome to the first blog post of this new series called Dear Friend. A photo response series between Weijia and I, featuring photos taken by me and her at different time, place and settings. Our photos will always be taken with consideration and in reflection to the topic we've chosen for that week, sometimes I'll start the topic, other times she will, every week's different and spontaneous. This way I can get a peak of the adventures she's taken and be super jealous but inspired; same way I can remind her a little bit of home and let her know that a friend from afar misses her dearly.

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