Dear Friend: Coast to Coast

I believe that most things have some kind of a boundary or limitation. Coming back from my recent travels, I've learned to look beyond those limitations. The feeling can somewhat be described as if a person just learned how to swim after months of being stuck on an island filled with people that just wants to eat each other alive. Could you just imagine? It's suffocating and by learning how to swim, I've found a way out, not through anyone else's resources or any convenient tools of escape, but through my own bare hands, my own physical strength and will. Jump in the water and swim might seem like a simple and obvious solution, but it took a while to develop the courage and mindset to do it. Needless to say, it's so rewarding. Seeing the seashore, land, water and whatever that comes in between reminds me of those revelations in the past month and gives me an extra boost in everything that I do these days. (Special Credits to Dave)

Lakefront Promenade Park, Mississauga, Canada | Beacon Normally Coast, England

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