Ditch Right Behind

I signed a deal with the devil and he took my soul
To a room with a table in the dark and cold
I signed my name just the same as I'd done on the line before
I was in the middle of the cliff and the sea
With a ditch right behind me that the bitch couldn't see
She came right at me with her teeth and her dress and they both fell off
Be careful what you wish for when you're young
Be careful what you wish for when you're young
Snowship by Benjamin Francis Leftwich


drawing inspiration from Kygo's album art. Pool party, floral crop top and having a smoke, I wanna be that girl right now. Photography capture from strolling through Rue du Sault au Matelot, Quebec City

Crazy and vivid dreams has been haunting me. The ones you wake up from and almost immediately, you can recite every excruciating detail. My dental hygienist nagged me to put on my mouth guard because my night time teeth grinding is getting worst and increasing my cold sensitivity. Anxiety along with random headaches come and go as they please. I've been having trouble falling asleep at night unless I'm at the point of exhaustion. Sadly, I can't sleep in much either given the chance to. Breakouts plus greasy food cravings and a large amount of carb intake makes me feel shitty. I didn't realize it at first, but now as I'm writing everything down, I believe my body's telling me something - girl, you're stressed.

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