Enjoying July

The image below was a photo manipulation project from... geez, years ago. I passed by this exact barn building yesterday where the picture was sourced and I had a nostalgic moment, so I went through my archive and dug up this image. Is it a gateway to a new world or an end of a journey? I'm not sure and I've already forgot what the intention or story behind this piece. Regardless, it's kind of reflecting how I feel at the moment. Just a paper boat going with the flow on a shimmering path and enjoying the scenic, magical view of it all.

mushroom gateway Here's a couple of notable things I've enjoyed in the past week:

Wearing: I thought it was time to change up the eye makeup game with less eyeliner and more natural eyeshadow shades with TheBalm's Nude'tude palette. So far so good!

Snacking: This recipe combined two of my favourite things in the world: greek yogurt + guacamole. It's so genius, I can't believe I haven't thought of it before.

Creating: Dabbling into a new studio software - Sketch 3. I'm hoping this can replace illustrator and improve the flow for future projects. It's been a smooth transition so far and all the features are very intuitive to use.

Training: West coast vacation mode is officially off and gym mode is on! I love how I can stuff all my essentials (phone, cards, keys) on the go in this flip belt without any hassle. It's great for running, which I'm training myself to get into at the moment. (5k by autumn?!)

Listening: I know you'll judge me, but G-eazy's my Drake substitute these days. Also, I couldn't resist Jeni's sultry voice. Then, to contrast, this string cover of Laputa is on constant replay as well.

Admiring: Mia Hollow's poems and pictures, alternating on her instagram feed. In terms of new blog discovery, I've been living vicariously and daydreaming about the island life through Corina's blog. She creates the most beautiful and fluid hand letterings ever.

With my sleep and diet back on track, my energy has also returned, so I'm hoping for more amazing finds this week. I hope you're enjoying your week so far as well.

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