Find The Little Dorrit In You

Little Dorrit (BBC's adaptation of Charles Dickens's story) was one of the best period dramas I've ever watched. Amy Dorrit had such a humble soul, she was always dutiful, selfless and content regardless of distressing matters in life or people that come, go and change. Physical confinement and social constrains didn't dampen her spirit as long as she could smell the sea air and have friends that can share her troubles. Rich or poor, she was always the same girl who was honest about her feelings, an admorable characteristic that I hope to preserve in myself too. Here's a Dorrit Inspired wear, a modern twist to her hooded cape, her sewing basket that she carries around for work and simple accessories like the locket and hankie for memory keeping.

[cape jacketheart locket necklacenautical cable bracelet,  straw totea pocket hankiegrey suede loafers ]

One of my favourite scene in the show was the confrontation made by John Chivery to Arthur Clennam, because Arthur simply just does not get it, typical of some men I think. This scene was such a turning point to their happy ending, I was so touch because it came from John, the sweetest, sweestest boy.

"How can you say you don't know it, anyone with eyes could see it, these walls know it and you are so lofty, so far above the rest of us, you don't even notice it. All the time, I was breaking my heart over her, she was breaking hers over you." - John Chivery

Towards the end, life for Dorrit seems to lighten up, she confessed her feelings, discovered her identity and was liberated from people that wanted her to be the person who she wasn't. Here's another Dorrit inspired look if she had lived in our century, this is what I think she'd look for spring, something colourful but still modest.

[ Isabel Lu woven printed maxi dress, basket handbag, pink opal ring, small leather journal, frilly umbrella, vintage gold brushed link bracelet ]

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