If it wasn't for our google calendar reminders, we would've never remembered as we don't celebrate our anniversaries like most couples do. For us, it wasn't really about celebrating a milestone of how long we've managed to last till this point, but it's how much more we can go. Regardless, I still can't believe how fast 5 years went by. Our journey from those fatty late night fastfood drive throughs during exam times, to our "responsible" senior years as program club council members, followed by our "fuck-yeah-I'm -done-but-now-what-do-I-do" unemployment blues, to our new-grad jobs that were soul-sucking and unsatisfactory in every way, and finally, our current partnership in merging both of our passions and talents into a little design and development studio, I'd say it's been quite a journey.

I'm so grateful for having such a supportive person in my life and so glad that even though we spend almost every waking moment together (work and after work) we wouldn't change it for the world. That this is how we naturally should be. Together.

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