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I'm definitely not the type to sit still. You can tell because I don't even let still object like my bedroom furniture sit still for more than 3 months at a time. So sometime I go to cafes to work just to change up the environment, not only to increase productivity, but so an excuse to grab a latte and put on a nice dress. Came across this article about "unspoken rules" using free offices that I find hilarious and guilty of without realizing.

" If you order your coffee and then realise there are no seats, walk straight out like that was your intention the whole time. Type as fucking fast as you can, if you’re typing an email, type that fucking thing like you’ve got five seconds to live" - Adam James Turnbull


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My fellow free office users, I know how hard it is to keep yourself on schedule, something I struggle everyday too. These Illustrations and lettering I found have been so motivational for me. I know we see quotes on tumblr and Pinterest everyday, but these ones I find are words that really heals the freelance blues and picks you right back up. I especially love the meaning behind her Surrender & Show Up mantra:

"Surrender to the person I really am, to the plans the universe has for me, to the knowledge that everything will be OK. Show up authentically and honestly for myself and for others; show up because nothing happens unless I get off my ass and do it." -  Emily McDowell
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