Gagghhh. 2000 Words.

kinder surprise batman on art history article + annzilla typographic experiments for print + thrifted porcelain angels + handmade yarn wrapped ornament that look too much like a onion

Taking a break from writing a 2000 words essay about Jean-Baptise Greuze's L'Accordee de Village of 1761, a painter of sentiment who uphold moral vir..... gawgh! no more! I'm only at 10% of completion right now, though I've drank 5 cups of tea and still wearing my grandma sweater from this morning. I'm staring at a blank Word page all day and snacking on any food my hands can grab. Although word vomit didn't really come out, visual ones did and I was kind of productive, surprisingly. I made 3 feature banner images for Bananaloft, uploaded and styled a newly written article and made another wallpaper download article (New York! Summer of 2010. Good times). The two angels that I thrifted last week makes me go "aw" every time I walk pass them. After this 2000 words essay, I can finally have a short break for Christmas crafts and possible T-shirt prints that I've been dying to do! Last sunday, I attended my first OneOfaKind Show and it was truly, truly amazing. Going back this Sat. and I'm going to try and take some pictures and do a more extensive blog post on it.Oh no, I'm in complete craft mode, okay, break's over.

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