January Scents: Creamy Citrus

Even though most of the stores have their spring items displayed already, the Canadian weather outside still doesn't feel anything like spring. Actually, it feels like it's getting colder rather than warmer. During this winter to spring transition, most of the people staying home because they're trying to keep up with their new year solution by eating and cooking healthier foods at home. Some are just plain broke from holiday shopping, while others are tired of another late night at social gatherings when new projects back at work are rolling fast. Here's a couple of scents that I found very appropriate for the January stuck-at-home month. It's not quite spring, so I'd save floral scents for later. For now, something citrusy to wake up the mind but also creamy and subtle enough for moments when you want to cuddle in front of the fireplace or tv.

[creme caramel rooisbos DaivdsTea ].[shea butter hand cream l'Occitane].[level grapefruit bergamont candle Indigo].[cream brulee jar candle Pier1].[peachy citrus massage bar+lemony flutter cuticle butter Lush].[succulent floating candles Crate&Barrel].[breathe sea salt sachet + breathe shea butter soap Lollia].[moss jar candle K.Hall Design]

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