Muir Woods

Where did July go? It seriously went poof in the air. Last weekend, the start of August was filled with so much excitement at Osheaga festival in Montreal. After seeing a sea of people and being herded like little sheep, it's nice to be back in solitude and in open space with nature. I've been waiting for the right moment to post these pictures, and the timing seems perfect now as I'd really appreciate some green in my life.

Aidan and I explored Muir Woods a while back. It's only a 30 minute drive from San Francisco and a magical escape from the city. I'll always remember how serene and magnificent it was to be surrounded by giant, tall redwood trees that stretches into the sky. We also went early enough to catch the morning sun ray peeking in. I can almost smell the forest as I'm reminiscencing the warm embrace of mother nature.

horizon onroad coast shine-through tallness shine-through2 ferns trunk shadow grass-closeup horizontals upwards straight-up skinny 4-trunks A little note to self: learn to "detach" and live in the present.

Detach from fixing the problem you claim yourself to be, because you're not that.
Detach any sense of conformity and instead, carve your own path.
Detach from over-planning and seeking control or else you will loose the real magic.
Detach any promises you've outgrown. Let go and move on.
Detach the guilt that often comes from any change so you can gain drive and focus.
Detach from what the world asks of you and find your own questions for yourself.

Looking back, July was the month of learning to "detach" oneself from unnecessary feelings. Specifically, break apart from associating one point to another. Stop at point A, put a period on it and break away. I had to refrain myself from making any "closure", because ultimately, in the end, you can't control the outcome of a future that isn't even here yet. So c'est la vie!

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