36/100 For the Thrill


Back on track. I had a week break due to some personal reasons I'd like to get to a bit later on. For now, I rejoice to new music and little art squares back into the routine.


35/100 Butta Love


It's been a week of email clean up. Hitting the "unsubscribe" button for those newsletters and promotional emails that are no longer necessary at this point in life. I regret not doing this earlier. The next clean up task would be my social media feed, which is a very daunting task. I dread. I admit to be totally guilty of those facebook clickbaits posts with no factual content or value. I admit that I enjoy controversial tweets and instagram pictures that encourage body shaming instead of body empowerment. It's embarrassing to think about how much time wasted on contents that do not enrich the mind or soul. It's gotta stop. It's true when they say you become what you consume and I've made up my mind to stop consuming garbage content starting now.


33/100 Under The Waterfall


Words can't even describe how I feel today at the news I received this morning. I can't even process it. My heart will hold dear to those memories. My heart will be strong for my friend.


32/100 Thinkin about you


This is the song that made me fall in love with this DJ years ago. I'm about to see him live in an hour. I'm feeling like a little teenage girl right now.


31/100 Escape


Stumbled upon this lovely quote today: "Nothing is so strong as gentleness and nothing is so gentle as true strength".