Out of all the little pockets of Toronto, Annex is my favourite for sure. The vibe is amazing, with people filling the streets day and night. Plus, Korean BBQ and Kafka the cat is so easily accessible, it's the perfect place for therapy on a bad day. Speaking of having a bad day, I had to send my MacBook Air out for an expensive repair due to a mysterious water damage. I say mysterious because I have no clue how or when it happened, but that's life right? Things sneak up on you when you least expected it to. Other than mourning for my laptop, I'm also helping my little brother settle into his new college and prep for all the back to school stuff. Man, I got to admit, I do not miss school at all!

My aunty came into town for a weekend and we took her on a little Casa Loma tour. Just the other day, I had some quality BFF time on Toronto island, just chilling and catch some sun. All in all, other than sports and errands, I've been doing a lot of escaping and creating a lot of down time to re-evaulate my relationship, career and the next steps. I'm so happy that I made the time to clear my head or else I would've made every decision out of fear instead of love. If there's something that I'm feeling strongly about these days, it's gratefulness. No matter how crazy, dull or unexpected things get, I'm lucky to be surrounded by loving people that understands me and willing to lend an ear even when I'm a broken record. Truthfully, I don't need anyone to save me from anything, I just want them to be by my side while I work on myself. And for that, I'm grateful.

Seriously, this cover, this quote, this song and this speech brought me closer to the truth.

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