Serifs, Rectangles

woah woah slow down, it makes 4 second copies!
Wireframing all week, we are rectangles by Marc Johns


The lack of good spring weather resulted in hours and hours of web browsing. Here are the notable links for this week:

The Donut Project, young designers who aspire to inspire, my new go to
loving the Get Shit Done posts from Meg Biram
Note to SelfDoor Sixteen & Vmac+Cheese have started my current black and white palette obsession and the simple serif fonts which shocks me to think I've only fallen in love now and not before
a retro cat lady with crazy colour hair is what I'd call Kaylah from The Dainty Squid
BoA's Disturbance turned me into a Taemin fan girl (thanks to Simon&Martina, Kpop is again enjoyable.)

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