Sit Back

Recently I've been busy with projects, birthday celebrations (mom & I) and rearranging my room/work space to better fix my posture and the overall workflow. What a perfect time for some music and candle mixtures to help my mind relax and stay zen despite all the things happening and thing that will be happening for weeks to come (Japan!). Now I have an iPad (thanks babe), all the more excuses to cuddle in bed with it till wee hours of the night and not get up in the morning. The plan was to pick up a couple of books and get back to reading, now it's all going to be done on the iPad with eBooks. I find that even though I'm trying not to stare at another screen during my free/down time, sometimes it's just unavoidable and most of the time unstoppable, like my eyeballs are glued to the monitor. At times like these, I close my eyes to let it rest and release my other senses to work. Play a couple of tracks, light some candles, do some stretching, boil water for your tea, call a friend to catch up and just sit back.

black dice cafe where I met Asian Elvis in a 50's retro bar/ irresistible spring scent : Gardenia in mercury glass from Chapters

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