Upside Down Better Than Right Side Up

Since I might be moving soon, I thought I should share some décor tactics that have worked really well for me in my current room. It's so awesome to see one object with multiple uses by just turning it upside down.

I usually buy jar candles because they are just so much easier to manage and there's no need to spend the extra money on a candle holder, but sometimes candles just don't look right by itself without a little height, especially when you're putting it on your mantle, so I recycled an upside down wine glass as a candle holder substitute. Even when the candle is all used up, if it leaves a nice shell, arrange on some floral to cover the melting hole and there you have it.

Another upside down technique is inspired by the basket lamps seen in lots of DIY projects. I didn't need to make a new lamp fixture, but I do have a wired garbage can abandoned in the garage. Since I needed to elevate my lamp from the ground, I thought the wired garbage can was perfect because you can still display some items in it, saving some space in the room.

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