Yes to a Lifetime

surprised Boy meets girl.

He fancied her. She respected him. They became good friends. The more they learned about each other, the closer their hearts connect. Friendship blossomed into romance, they fell in love.

But what is love? Boy thought he knew while the girl had no clue. They spent the next 6 years together to find out.

There were many good times. He gets her and she understood him even without any exchange of words. There were always lots of teasing, laughter and joy. They felt at ease and comforted with each other's presence. He was her safeguard and companion, she was his confidante and day-brightener. They make up for what each other lack. They stuck together, like glue.

There were also bad times, where she drove him to the edge while he pushed her buttons. Stubbornness and pride taught them a valuable lesson about sacrifice and forgiveness. Other times, there were insecurities and doubt that swept in and out of their hearts. Still, they sailed through all of that. The constant tug and pull made them stronger. They changed their ways to become not as a better couple, but better human beings.

After many small journeys together, boy changed his outlook and expectations on what he thought love was suppose to be. On the other hand, girl learned to toss away naivety and social ideals out of the window in order to build this relationship like mature adults.

They knew the love they had for each other was deeper and more complex than they could ever define. It's not perfect or glamourous, but it's got everything they wanted because they have each other. Boy wished for nobody else but her, and girl couldn't imagine her life without him. They're ready for a lifetime together.

confused really? ring! yes-yes-yes never-apart

Boy asked for her hand.

"Yes babe, of course, for you've already stole my heart long ago. You are mine and I am yours." She says.

I'll forever remember this day, the 10th day of the 10th month. He promised me oysters and the world.

signs staging

Thanks Joe, Reina and Lester for making this magical moment possible!

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